It is clear that we like a good gamble in Britain whether taking the odd bet on the Grand National, Weekly Football Bets on the Premier League or Online Casino Betting. 

There are plenty of good offers nowadays like the Betfair welcome Bonuses for us to make the most off and take away some good winnings. Of course there are those that win and those that lose with gambling and we must always remain responsible and within our limits. Here is the story of one man, a born winner, who tested his limits but eventually made his way all the way to the top! 

Before Poker

Sam Trickett is a Professional English Poker player who is one of the 20 top tournament winners of all time. But before playing poker Trickett was a professional football player who suffered a nasty knee injury that ended his career at a very young age. Keen to stay competitive he then moved on to Pool and was pretty successful here too. But when he realised the financial limitations for professionals in the sport, he lost abit of interest. It is true that the World Champion of Pool will receive only $10,000 in winnings. Comparing this to the potential winnings in Poker, for Sam the transition was an obvious one. Sam next became a plumber and started playing poker on the side as a hobby. 

Online Poker & Welcome Bonuses

Sam started his own plumbing business when an old work friend lent tricket £10,000, he put £7,000 into the business and the other £3,000… yep, you guessed it! That money went straight into poker. Sam started off playing online making the most of welcome bonuses and weak competition in sit & go tournaments to build up his bankroll. Things went well and he turned this figure into £20,000 and paid back his friend the money he had lent him.

Realising his talent

Sam then started competing in Casinos with live poker tournaments. With some hiccups along the way Sam managed to get his bankroll up to half a million dollars after competing in the world series of poker in Vegas, winning a large online tournament and The Grosvenor UK Poker tour event in Luton. He also made a chunk of this from betting on himself at the final tournament to win at odds of 30/1.

Close to Hitting Rock Bottom

By this point Sam was on the cover of magazines in the UK but through overconfidence and overspending sam almost blew it all. He pushed himself too far and played with higher competition than he was ready for. He was then offered a lifeline in the form of a job teaching people how to play poker in South Africa. This allowed him to stay in the Game mentally while saving up some money from a stable job.

On top of the World

Sam soon bounced back with some good results including at the Aussies Millions event. In 2012 Trickett entered the Mega $1 million buy in One Drop event. This event was the highest buy in of all time and he came runner up! Received a whopping $10 million in winnings. Sam Trickett has now earned a total of $20,849,721 in Tournament winnings making him the most successful British Player of all time.

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